留学生の日記(1) The Foreign Student's Diary (Part 1)

ナンバー11 作・訳 Written and translated by Number 11
Copyright 2004 by Number 11 All rights reserved.


My name is Joanna Fulton. I'm a 24-year old American girl. I was born in Florida. My hobbies are swimming and reading. Two months ago I came to Japan to study Japanese. During the day I go to a Japanese school. At night I teach part time at an English conversation school.


My Japanese teacher recommended that we keep a diary in Japanese. I thought I'd start out by writing about the English conversation school where I work. The school is close to a women's university, so there are lot of college girls among our students. Out group lessons have between 3 and 5 students, but we also do private lessons.
Almost all the teachers are guys. There are only two girls, including me. The teachers are from various countries (US, Canada, England, Australia, and South Africa). Most of the other teachers are nice, but there's an American guy named Michael that I don't really like.
Since I came to Japan to study Japanese, it's kind of boring having to speak only English every day, but it's a good-paying, simple job.


October 10 (Thursday)
Today I had a private lesson with a student named Reiko. She's studying English literature at the university nearby. She's very outgoing compared to the other students. I've had her in group lessons a few times before, but today was the first time we were along together in the classroom. As usual, Reiko was asking me lots of questions. At first the lesson was going along normally, but then all of a sudden she said to me,
"Joanna, you have a nice big chest."
"Um... I....."
I didn't know how to respond, so I looked at Reiko's chest and said,
"Uh..... yours is pretty big too, isn't it?"
Her chest was definitely big for a Japanese. Her boobs are about the same size as mine, but with her slimmer waist, and being shorter than me, they look a lot bigger on her. Plus, she was wearing a tight sweater that showed off her form.
Reiko smiled and said, "I like big chests a lot."
I was feeling embarrassed, so I changed the subject and tried to continue with the lesson. After it was over, Reiko left from the school.


November 18 (Friday)
Reiko came in for another private lesson today. This week we were again discussing movies and pets, when all of a sudden Reiko looked at my chest and said "What cup are you?"
"What cup size are you? I know the American sizes are different..."
"Um... I-I wear a C-cup.... but.."
"How many centimeters is your bust?"
"Centimeters? Well, my bust is 36 inches, but I don't know about centimeters..."
Reiko said happily, "I made myself a G-cup."
I thought she had made a grammar mistake, and tried to correct her sentence to "became a G-cup," but she kept insisting that she had "made herself a G-cup."
"What do you mean? You had breast enlargement surgery?"
"No! Look here!"
She opened her purse. Inside were 5 or 6 different bottles and tubes. The labels read things like "Bust-Up Cream" and "Fuller Chest Medicine."
"I used all these to make myself this big. When I was in junior high school I was completely flat-chested. I gradually made my bust bigger and bigger, until I had the biggest chest in my class when I graduated high school."
"But Reiko, don't you think your breasts are big enough now?"
She shook her head. "I want to be a little bigger."
"Bigger? But ... "
Just then the school chime ring. Reiko quickly gathered up the bust enhancing products and put them back in her bag. "Sorry! I've got to be somewhere! See you next week!" she said as she left the classroom.
As I stood up, I noticed something shiny under the table. I picked it up. It was a bottle of one of Reiko's bust enlargement products.
I see advertisements for these all the time, but I wonder if they really work? I'm happy with the size of my own boobs but I do wish their shape was better. Even though I'm still young they're already kind of saggy.


November 14 (Thursday)
Reiko came in for a lesson for the first time in a while. I'd been keeping her bust enlarging medicine since the last lesson, but I left it at home today. Reiko suggested that we meet at a bar tomorrow night. It's against the rules of the English conversation school for teachers and students to socialize outside class, but nobody obeys it. Michael is dating 3 students simultaneously, and they say there was a teacher who married one of his students last year. Meeting Reiko one time, to bring her something she forgot, should be all right.



November 16 (Saturday)
I met Reiko last night. First I gave her back her bust medicine. Then we drank beer and talked. The bar was really crowded. Talking with a student outside of the school is a lot easier. Reiko even taught me some Japanese.
I glanced at her chest.
"Reiko, has your bust gotten bigger?"
"That's right. I'm an H-cup now."
I hadn't noticed the day before because she had been wearing loose-fitting clothes, but now I could tell her bosom was sticking out further than before.
"I guess you didn't need the bust enhancer after all."
"Oh, yes I do! I've still got to get bigger."
"But... Why do you want to get bigger than this? You've already got the biggest boobs in this room."
"That's not true. I'm not as big as her."
Reiko pointed a finger. Across the bar a girl with long hair was standing talking to three guys. She was wearing a low-cut dress, and even from that far away, I could see her large chest and deep cleavage.
Her name was Hayashi Kaoru. She and Reiko had been classmates since junior high school. Now they're attending the same university. Reiko explained to me how they had become bitter rivals, but she was talking fast and using some difficult words, so I didn't understand it all, but what I did understand was that Reiko and Kaoru had always competed in various areas, and that they're now competing in bust size.

To be continued.